Norway in a Nutshell

I figured that I've been in Norway for almost 3 weeks, so it's about time to update people on my life in Oslo. So, welcome to my blog!

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Dørene Lukkes

"Dørene Lukkes." "The door is closing."

“Winter is Coming”

"It's crazy how one day it is fall, and overnight the seasons can change. I can clearly remember the morning I work up and it was the coldest it had been during my time in Oslo- not only was it colder, but it was more frigid. I don't completely know how to explain what changed... but winter is definitely upon us. "


Reformation. What does that word mean? I love the first six letters- R-E-F-O-R-M. Reform. But what are we reforming? The church? The scriptures? Our faith? All of the above? "

A Refreshing Change

"This past weekend I went to visit two friends, Kristi and Jackie, who also go to PLU and work at camp with me. They are studying Alpine Ecology in Bø, Norway (the Telemark region), and it was so nice to see them again.  The trip was a very refreshing change from being in the city."

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